Centers & Institutes

Title Director(s)
3D Systems Packaging Research Center Rao R. Tummala
Aerospace Systems Design Lab Dimitri Mavris
Arbutus Center for the Integration of Research and Education Edward Coyle
Biologically-Enabled Advanced Materials & Micro/Nanodevices (BEAM2) Kenneth Sandhage
Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems (ISS) John Crittenden
Center for Applied Probability Richard Serfozo
Center for Biologically Inspired Design Jeannette Yen
Center for Board Assembly Research Andrew Dugenske
Center for Cardiovascular Technologies Ajit Yoganathan
Center for Co-design of Chip, Package, System (C3PS) Madhavan Swaminathan
Center for Compound Semiconductors Russell Dupuis
Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery Mark Prausnitz
Center for Energy & Geo Processing (CeGP) Ghassan AlRegib
Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Sudhakar Yalamanchili
Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Doug Blough and Calton Pu
Center for GTL-CRNS Telecom (CGCT) Jean-Marc Merolla
Center for Health & Humanitarian Systems Pinar Keskinocak and Julie Swann
Center for Health Organization Transformation Larry Gamm and Eva Lee
Center for Innovative Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies Thomas Fuller
Center for Machine Learning Irfan Essa
Center for MEMS and Microsystems Technologies Farrokh Ayazi
Center for Nanostructure Characterization and Fabrication Zhong Lin Wang
Center for Operations Research in Medicine and HealthCare Eva Lee
Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE) Seth Marder and Bernard Kippelen
Center for Research in Embedded Systems and Technology (CREST) Vincent Mooney
Center for Signal and Image Processing James H. McClellan
Center for Signal and Information Processing James McClellan
Center for Space Technology and Research (CSTAR) Thomas Orlando
Center for Statistical Science Chien-Fu Jeff Wu and Vladimir Koltchinskii
Center of Excellence in Rotorcraft Technology (CERT) Daniel Schrage
Communications Systems Center John Copeland
Electron Microscopy Center Zhou Lin Wang
Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory Ari Glezer
Fluid Properties Research Institute (FPRI) Amyn S. Teja
Fusion Research Center (FRC) Weston Stacey
Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunication Technology Nikil S. Jayant
Georgia Electronic Design Center Stephen Ralph
Georgia Tech Broadband Institute Nikil Jayant
Georgia Transportation Institute Michael Hunter
Georgia Water Resources Institute Aris Georgakakos
Health Systems Institute (HSI) Gregory Abowd
Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology Oliver Brand
Institute for Materials David McDowell
Institute for Paper Science and Technology Ronald W. Rousseau
Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) Steve Rushing and Jennifer Clark
Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines Magnus Egerstedt
Institute for Sustainable Systems (ISS) John Crittenden
Institute Materials Council David McDowell
Integrated Bio-Systems Institute
Interactive Media Technology Center Maribeth Gandy Coleman
Manufacturing Institute Ben Wang
Manufacturing��Institute Ben Wang
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Dennis Hess
Mechanical Properties Research Lab Richard Neu
Microelectronics Research Center James D. Meindl
Modeling and Simulation Research and Education Center Christos Alexopoulos
MURI on Genetically Engineered Materials and Micro/Nanodevices Kenneth Sandhage
Nanomedicine Center: Nucleo Protein Machine Gang Bao
Nanotechnology Center for Personalized and Predictive Oncology Shuming Nie
National Center for Transportation Productivity and Management (NCTSPM) Michael Hunter
National Electric Energy Testing, Research, and Applications Center (NEETRAC) Richard Hartlein
National Textile Center Haskell Beckham
NSF GT/Emory Center for the Engineering of Living Tissues Robert M. Nerem
NSF/ERC Packaging Research Center (PRC) Rao R. Tummala
Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience Robert Guldberg
Phosphor Technology Center of Excellence Christopher J. Summers
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute David Rosen
Renewable Bioproducts Institute Norman Marsolan
Rotorcraft Center of Excellence Robin Gray
Southeastern Center for Air Pollution and Epidemiology (SCAPE) Armistead "Ted" Russell and Paige Tolbert
Space Systems Design Lab (SSDL) Glenn Lightsey
Specialty Separations Center Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Statistics Center Chien-Fu Jeff Wu
Strategic Energy Initiative Samuel V. Shelton
Strategic Energy Institute Tim Lieuwen
Supply Chain and Logistics Institute Tim Brown
University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education (UCEP) Ajeet Rohatgi
University Research Engineering Technology Institute (URETI) Lakshmi Sankar